Why Parkesburg Roofing Experts Recommend Applying Roof Coatings 

Why Parkesburg Roofing Experts Recommend Applying Roof Coatings 

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Roof coatings or membranes are becoming extremely popular in the housing industry. Bright white roofs have always been known for their heat-reflecting properties. Modern-day reflective roof membranes can now be designed with extra heat-reflecting capabilities. These roofs can reflect almost 90% of the heat that roofs receive while getting struck by solar rays. Traditional roofing materials with no coatings or protective membranes reflect only 5% to 15%. This large difference in reflective capabilities has a massive impact on the roofing structures’ long-term performances. Plus, these membranes make roofs ten times better by covering up cracks, holes, etc. 


Expert providers of Parkesburg Roofinghelp their clients in various ways. Apart from installing and maintaining high-quality roofs for their clients, they can also make their clients’ homes more resource-efficient. The reflective roof coatings they install reduces the cost of cooling homes by at least 30%. When there’s little sunlight during the winter, these roofing experts recommend their clients to cover these coatings or membranes with dark sheets to halt the reflection of sun rays from their homes temporarily. Depending on how well-maintained they are, these coatings or membranes can easily last for 20+ years. If they’re damaged in any way, replacing or renewing coating applications is a very easy and cheap process. However, homeowners are urged to take maintenance steps and ensure the coatings don’t tear off easily.

Increasing Popularity in the Market

Given the verifiable returns, these coatings or membranes offer, their popularity in the market is highly understandable. Over the next decade, cool roof installation is expected to become a norm. Homeowners who aren’t investing in these roofs are missing out big time. Local roofing experts can install these coatings very cost-effectively. As long as homeowners choose roofers with experience, knowledge, and high standards of service, they can expect their reflective roofs to save thousands every month on energy bills!  

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