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Regardless of whether it is given as a gift, bought for a special occasion or simply because the cigar still needs a little ripening: As a rule, cigars are not enjoyed immediately after purchase, but stored. And just as wine goes into the cellar and food goes into the fridge, a cigar also needs the right storage and maturing conditions. Various humidor accessories are crucial for perfect ripening and long-term storage of cigars, for example to regulate the humidity of the humidor.

Ways to Regulate the Humidor Humidity

There are many ways to regulate the humidity of the humidor which of these is the right one cannot be answered across the board. The goal is to keep the desired humidity it varies between 69 and 72 percent as stable as possible. There are different methods for doing this. Some mean more work and care, others less. Now many people may think: the less work, the better. But for some aficionados it is simply enrichment and a pleasure to take care of your cigars. The best source for knowing the best about the same is now.

From the classic to the highly professional electric humidifier

Known to many as Credo, the classic humidifying sponges were for a long time about and about when it came to ensuring the right humidity in the humidor. The French manufacturer Credo established itself with its sponges in the long term and became the market leader. This humidification system is a sponge in a housing that is installed inside the humidor.

Over the years, in addition to humidification using the classic sponge, humidification based on acrylic polymers has also enjoyed increasing popularity. The amount and type of these polymers varies depending on the size of the humidor. Correctly coordinated, acrylic polymer humidifiers can keep the humidor humidity at around 70 to 72 percent. Advantage compared to the classic sponges: When the humidor is opened, fluctuations in humidity occur, which acrylic polymer systems can compensate for more easily and ensure a stable value more quickly. The acrylic polymers are moistened with distilled water or propylene glycol. The shelf life is around two years. Get the best science info right here now.

Another way to ensure the right humidity in the humidor is so-called Bóveda Packs. They work on the principle of reverse osmosis and, depending on requirements, release or absorb humidity. There are no fluctuations in the moisture balance in the humidor. The risk of mold, fungus or bacterial infestation is also reduced to a minimum. And you don’t have to worry about the small pads either. They only have to be replaced every two to three months. Bóveda is without question the most effective product to create ideal ripening conditions.

Last Words

Electronic humidification systems meet the highest requirements for regulating the correct humidor humidity for large numbers of cigars. With this type of humidification, the humidity in the humidor is actively measured. A microprocessor then controls the humidification via the integrated sponge. A fan also ensures the perfect climate in the humidor. If the humidity drops due to any opening, this is compensated for by a subsequent humidification.

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