Landscaping with Rocks

Have you ever considered landscaping with rocks? Not only does this add some texture to your garden, but it is also very attractive and doesn’t have to cost the earth. The beauty of using rocks is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot on materials, as you might already find you have a wide variety of rocks on your land to begin with.

My wife and I decided to go for landscaping with rocks because we were constantly turning up stones in our garden. The stones came in all manner of shapes and sizes which made it easy to create deep and meaningful displays in simple arrangements.

The first idea we had was to knock up a circle of stones around the four small trees towards the right hand corner or our back yard. Landscaping with rocks around each of the trees really helped to define the space. Each tree had its own little collection of stones circling it, a bit over two feet in diameter.

After that success, we decided to use the flat rocks we kept finding to make a walkway. We found this to be quite different from the tree design, because of the sheer time and effort that was required to uncover the stones and arrange them suitably, particularly because of the bad weather we were experiencing at the time.

Next, We laid a sheet of plastic over the grass and weeds growing by the trees and used the stones we had already laid to weigh it in place. We then put some red mulch over the plastic which gave us a nice, professional look. This high priced look came at very low cost, with the only expenditure being that on the mulch and the plastic sheet.

My wife came up with the idea of digging a small ditch to hammer a spike into numerous parts of the clay earth. This went some way to help the land absorb more water, which was proving to be a problem. We then filled the ditches with gravel and sand, before arranging some stones over the top.

After a great deal of sweat and perseverance, the walkway was completed. This time-consuming task was well worth it in the end and turned out to be quite cheap, apart from the hours of work we put in!

On the whole, landscaping with rocks already in your garden is a cheap way to spruce up your garden and give it a modern feel. The colors and textures of the stones are beautiful and contrasting, and we frequently receive comments from our guests about how nice the garden is looking. We are so happy with our garden now, and especially satisfied that we achieved our goal cheaply and relatively painlessly with resources already on our land.

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