Dishwasher Jobs Description and Salaries

Stock Supplying

Supply of stocks of foods and utensils in the serving stations, cupboards, refrigerators as well as in salad bars is one of the tasks carried out by the dishwasher. In addition they also transfer supplies and equipments between the storages and work areas either by hand or using hand trucks.

Traditional Tasks

Traditional tasks carried out by the dishwashers include washing dishes, glassware, flatware, pots, as well as pans etc. Garbage can cleaning, water or steam cleaning, and such other works are also part of the traditional jobs of the dishwasher. Other traditional tasks include maintaining the working area of the kitchen, maintaining equipments and keeping utensils in orderly fashion, sorting cleaned dishes and utensils and cooking equipments in storage areas and individual place setting including sweeping, scrubbing of floors and removal of trash.

Job Requirements

Some of the qualities in dishwasher that are important include the ability to use the abdominal as well as the back muscles without fatiguing, and ability to bend or twist the body and reaching the arms or legs at convenience. One should also have the ability to arrange actions in a particular order according to the rules of the games. Manual dexterity and the ability to use muscle strength for manual works and fast use of fingers are other essential qualities for the dishwasher.

General Characteristics of Dishwasher Jobs

Most of the jobs performed by the dishwasher are manual works and require a lot of physical activities. Climbing, balancing, stooping, handling of numerous materials, lifting and even walking are part of natural jobs for the dishwasher. At the same time it is also necessary that the person opting for the job observes, receives and obtains information otherwise from all the relevant sources.

Special Requirements and Salaries

Dishwasher jobs call for monitoring of process, materials and environment with aptitude and coming up to the task appropriately. Salaries are determined on the basis of the capability of gathering event information and assessment of problems as well as detecting them in time by dishwasher. For detailed job descriptions and salaries of the dishwasher one can visit some highly informative website where all such data would be available including the salaries that averages around $23,000 per annum.

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