Difference Between Vinyl and Wood Windows

Across the last three decades, wood windows sales have dropped to half. The material that took its place is vinyl. It does not mean the quality of wood windows don’t match that of vinyl. Both vinyl and wood material have their strong aspects. Let’s get to know the difference between vinyl and wood windows to make an informed decision.


  • High-quality PVC or polyvinyl chloride is used to design vinyl windows in South PasadenaFor sash mechanism metal or other plastic kind is used. 
  • Generally, Douglas fir or pine is used on the inside of the wood windows. The exterior wood is covered with fiberglass, PVC or aluminum. 


  • Besides white and tan, lots of colors have been added to the collection of vinyl windows. They have become more attractive than what you may have seen in the past. Just visit Intex Windows in South Pasadena!
  • Wood windows are classic in comparison. It keeps interior stained or natural. Woodgrain is visible, which cannot be copied by vinyl. for solid colors, wood windows can be easily painted.

Colors & finishes

  • ‘White’ and ‘Vinyl’ has become synonymous because manufacturers find it hard to achieve dark, rich colors. Homeowners in South Pasadena pay a little extra for colored or premium vinyl windows they buy from Intex Windows. 
  • Wood windows within the frames have their natural wood color. The interiors and exteriors get painted to color that blend with the theme.


  • No painting or sealing is needed for vinyl. This means, it is maintenance-free.
  • The exterior of wood windows needs sealing and painting during installation and all across its lifetime. Wood windows equipped with aluminum covering never needs painting.


  • Vinyl window frames are hollow, so cool air passes through. Vinyl material is a poor heat conductor!
  • The wood material is excellent in blocking heat or cold from outside. Wood windows are great energy savers!


  • Vinyl is 18% cheap than wood
  • Wood is costly and you pay for its classic natural beauty!

Besides wood and vinyl, aluminium is a popular choice among house owners for their durability and aesthetic. Check out AT Aluminium to learn about aluminium windows today!

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