5 Facts About The Papa Bear Chair You never Knew!

If you’re on the hunt for iconic midcentury modern style chairs, then you won’t find anything more eclectic than the Papa Bear chair. It’s a unique chair that can be coupled with a number of furniture pieces or can even be used as a freestanding accent piece. It’s got a super unique form and is highly comfortable to sit in. It’s got a very distinct outlook, and many homeowners find it a delight to feature this chair in their abodes. Further, we’ll be looking at some amazing facts about this chair. Let’s take a look:

  1. A Total Bestseller


The Papa Bear Chair was designed by none other than Hans Wegner – one of the most iconic midcentury modern furniture designers in this world. He designed many classic chairs and furniture pieces and is still applauded as one of the most innovative minds in the industry to this day. However, out of all the things he ever designed, the Papa Bear Chair has been the most popular of them all. Its large, eclectic, and positively cozy to sit on, which made it an instant hit with both critics as well as homeowners.

  1. Story behind the name


Hans Wegner is known for his experimentation in the furniture genre. He came up with many unique and organic chair designs. Most of them were inspired by the animal kingdom, and the Papa Bear Chair is one of the most playful ones of them all. But that’s not exactly where its name originated from. In fact, it got its name when a critic compared the arms of this chair to, “the paws of a great bear embracing you from behind.” The rest is literally history, as this chair is still beloved and known as its bear counterpart to this day.

  1. Great quality control


The Papa Bear Chair adheres to the best quality control methods there are. Its sturdiness and durability are both surefire, which makes it an heirloom quality investment. If you want to know more, then here’s a fun fact: each chair is sanded and crafted by hand for at least two-weeks by skilled artisans. The excellent joinery elevates the unique structure of the form two-fold!

  1. First of its kind


The Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner first came out in 1953(although it was designed in 1950)  and aside from being an instant classic, it also holds the honor of being the very first collaboration between Wegner and PP Mobler. It also initiated the mass production of frames. To this day, this chair is beng crafted with the utmost care by skilled artisans. It’s definitely an investment worth making if you’re looking for something that will last you through life.

  1. Comes with a foot stool


No matter how comfortable a chair is, it won’t have the best impact if it doesn’t allow your feet as much relaxation as your body. This is why the Papa Bear Chair comes with a foot stool – although it can definitely be used without. Whenever you feel the urge to kick back and relax, you can break out the ottoman and recline in style.

So, these are some unique facts and trivia about the Papa Bear Chair. We hope that it makes you more interested in this chair’s history and timeless fame!

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