What’s Involved With a Decomposed Body Cleanup Denver Colorado?

If a body remains undiscovered for several days, cleaning the site is not something that the average person needs to manage. The most practical solution is to contact a cleaning service that offers support in the event of significant decomposition undiscovered death . Once the body is removed from the scene, the service can begin the process. Here’s an idea of what the team of cleanup technicians will do. 

Evaluating the Scene

Before anything is done, the team will inspect the death scene. The goal is to identify what sort of decisions must be made in regards to cleaning products, other supplies that are needed, and any equipment that’s necessary to properly clean the space. 

No two death scenes are alike, although there is likely to be certain characteristics that apply to any scene where the body remained undiscovered for some time. A team of experts who have plenty of experience with these types of scenes can complete an evaluation quickly. That makes it easier to ensure the cleanup is conducted without the waste of any time or resources. 

Noting the Presence of Fluids and Decomposed Tissue

One of the key elements that the team will address is the presence of any type of body fluids. That includes blood and urine. Any traces of decomposed tissue still present after the body is removed are also taken into account. That’s because of the bacteria, potential viruses, and various pathogens that may be found in those biological materials. Part of the planning for the cleanup does include taking precautions by wearing protective gear while dealing with any potential biohazard. 

Checking All Porous Materials At the Scene

There are likely to be more porous materials present than most people realize. Some are obvious, like carpeting and area rugs. Bed linens qualify as porous materials. The same is true for furniture upholstery of certain types. 

Some porous materials are less obvious to the untrained eye. They include wood, concrete, and drywall. When any of these materials are not sealed and the seepage of fluids has taken place, they cannot be adequately cleaned. While it may be difficult to imagine, there’s the chance that sections of flooring or the walls will need to be replaced. 

Removing What Cannot Be Cleaned

Elements that can be cleaned will remain in the space. Anything that cannot be thoroughly treated and cleaned to remove fluids that have seeped into the material has to go. That includes any upholstered pieces as well as mattresses and other furnishings. The team handling the decomposed body cleanup Denver Colorado will ensure that anything that is beyond cleaning is disposed of in a way that the biohazards will not affect anyone. 

Remember that the focus with decomposed body cleanup is to ensure that the space is reclaimed and safe for future use. Don’t attempt to clean the space using standard cleaning products. This task requires the touch of an expert who knows how to clean and deodorize the space. Make the call and then step away while the professionals take care of the scene. The results will speak for themselves. 

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