What Does a Crime Scene Cleaning Company Actually Do?

You’ve heard of services that clean crime scenes and have a general idea of what that entails. How much do you know about the specific goals set by personnel who work for a crime scene cleaning company? While there will be some variance based on what took place at the scene, you can bet that these four elements are part of the planning for the cleaning and restoration.

Seeks to Eliminate Biological and Other Threats From the Space

One of the first things that the cleaning crew will do is focus on locating and removing all types of biohazards from the space. That could include decomposed matter, body fluids, or even chemical waste that’s found at the site. The goal is to isolate and remove any threat that could damage the physical or mental health of those who enter the space in the future. That task requires an effort and attention to detail that is beyond what most people would think of as cleaning.

Removes Contaminated Material That Can’t Be Cleaned and Restored

In some cases, materials at the crime scene can be cleaned and disinfected. Other materials are a total loss and will need to be removed. Any type of porous material is subject to contamination and not all types can be thoroughly cleaned. Even sections of unfinished or unsealed flooring may have to be removed. The cleaning team is trained in how to evaluate every material found in the space and determines what can and can’t be cleaned.

There’s also the matter of disposing of all materials that are beyond cleaning. These materials are not hauled off and dumped in a space where they could cause harm to someone else. The crime scene cleaning team will ensure that anything that is beyond salvaging will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Once the disposal is completed, the cleaning team will be poised to move on to the next phase of the job.

Salvages Whatever Can Be Thoroughly Cleaned and Disinfected

With everything that can’t be cleaned out of the way, the focus shifts to cleaning and disinfecting what remains. The team from the crime scene cleaning company will likely use a variety of cleaning agents and equipment to manage this part of the process. Since the cleaning agents are strong, the team will continue to wear clothing and other accessories that protect them during the cleaning. This will involve wearing gloves, masks, and body suits that prevent direct contact with anything that could cause harm.

Restore the Scene to a Healthy and Secure State

The restoration process involves more than cleaning everything that can be salvaged. Dealing with any odors present in the space is also part of the project. Even as bacteria can grow on surfaces, airborne contaminants will likely be present. Eliminating those contaminants results in removing odors along with making the space safe to occupy again.

There are other tasks that may be included in the crime scene cleaning, based on what sort of crime took place. The process may be completed in a matter of hours or it could take days. Whatever the circumstances, you can rest assured that professional crime scene cleaners don’t stop until every inch of the site is once again safe for use.

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