What are the types of boilers to choose from?


There are different types of water boilers that have been designed according to different needs. The boilers also come in different designs as well as sizes as well. Choosing the right boiler needs a lot of considerations. Some of them include your budget, the size of the boiler as well as the place to store. If you want to buy a boiler, you should consider choosing among the following types

The condensing boilers

These types of boilers are known to have a larger heat exchanger. So many people who are looking for new gas boiler prefer searching for the condensing property in a boiler before settling on one. This is because such boilers are energy efficient.  When you have a boiler that is energy efficient, you are likely to lower your bills. For energy efficiency, the condensing boilers are the most preferred. 

The combi boilers

Combi boilers are another type of boilers. Most homes love these types of boilers because they are co-efficient. These are the types of boilers that control the central heating and the hot water as well. In simple terms, they are usually installed directly to the water mains. Whenever a tap or shower is turned on, the boiler heats water directly from the source. That means any homeowner can get unlimited hot water whenever the need arises. With this boiler, you do not have to waste a lot of space with storage tanks. Installation time is also cut down when you install this type of boiler. 

The system boilers

The system boilers are the other types of boilers that are installed in homes and apartments. This type of boiler is suitable for those homes that have more than one bathroom. The system boiler requires a water storage system. The storage system of system boilers is always in-built. They are normally part of the boiler. This types of boilers are suitable because they can never be attacked by frost damages. Those with this type of system do not have to worry about leaks. They are boilers that are good for large homes with huge hot water needs.

Conventional boiler

This is the traditional boilers. They comprise a cylinder and a storage tank. If space is premium, this type of boiler is not the appropriate boiler to install. This type of boiler is also able to supply hot water voluminous at home. It can be the supply of hot water in different taps or supply of hot water in different bathrooms. If you already have a traditional heating system, this type of boiler is the best option. If you have a large household, this type of boiler is the best.


There are varieties of boilers that one can choose from. When you are looking forward to buying a new boiler, you should consider your needs, the type, and the household. Other things include combi boiler prices. It is very important to make sure that the boiler you are choosing is the best.

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