We Provide a Rodent Droppings Cleanup Service

After a home or commercial building has been infested by rodents, the mess that the rodents leave behind is atrocious, to say the least. Besides tearing apart drywall, items in the building, and generally being present, they leave behind droppings. Those droppings are very dangerous to the health and safety of anyone who enters the building, and that is why we offer a professional rodent droppings cleanup service

After an infestation of rodents has been cleared in a building by professional exterminators and animal control professionals, we can come in and begin the cleanup process. This is not a job that you want to try to do yourself to save money. Rodent droppings present a biologically hazardous situation that can cause infection in humans. With the right training and tools, our technicians are able to successfully remove the droppings and minimize the risk of infection to themselves, our clients, and the general public. 

Each of our technicians has completed a comprehensive and detailed certification program for the cleanup of biologically hazardous situations. They take the cleanup of rodent droppings very seriously, and they follow the regulations for our industry as well as best practices to ensure that the cleanup is thorough and complete. They take the responsibility to protect the health of our clients, themselves, and the public very seriously.

Why are rodent droppings biohazardous, though? Rodents are known to carry pathogens, and their droppings are no different. In fact, rodent droppings can contain pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, that can easily infect a person. You might think that droppings that have been left alone, undisturbed for a while are okay, or that the pathogens have become no longer infectious. This is not the case. They can very easily cause someone harm, even if they have been left alone for a long time. 

Droppings are also dangerous for another reason. The very air around them, the odor they emit, can contain pathogens. That’s right. Even the air that is around the droppings can cause disease. You can see why it’s important to have the right protective gear and training to rid a building of rodent droppings carefully and thoroughly. 

When you need a rodent droppings cleanup service that you can rely on to get the job done right, give us a call. We will come to you as soon as possible, assess the situation, and then make a plan for cleanup. Using the latest in equipment and methods, we will make sure that your building no longer has any trace of rodents being present so that it can be safely put to use again. 

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