We Offer a Helpful Death Cleanup Service

A death is devastating, and it is not something that should be cleaned up by those most closely affected by it. In fact, only the professionals should do death cleanup, and that is why we partner with local authorities and organizations to provide a practical service that will benefit those we serve to help them begin healing. 

We provide cleanup services for any type of death, and one kind that we regularly handle is unattended deaths. The body has been left alone for an extended period of time, and decomposition has set in. This means bodily fluids have been released, and the situation becomes biohazardous. This requires the proper equipment and expertise to clean up in a safe way. We thoroughly disinfect according to applicable regulations from the government and ensure the space is safe to use again. 

We also clean up suicides. We are equipped to handle these situations whether or not a blood spill or an unattended death situation is present. We ensure the area is cleaned correctly and sanitized properly, again, according to government regulations that help us ensure the safety of not only our clients but also our employees and the general public. 

Homicide scenes are also situations we know how to handle. These frequently involve blood spills, which make the situation biohazardous. Our technicians are certified to handle biohazardous situations, and they pay very close attention to detail to ensure that the entire area is cleaned correctly. Each technician takes the responsibility to protect the health of anyone who enters the scene after they leave very seriously. You can depend on them to provide a thorough cleaning that will minimize the risk of infection. 

We work to return the scene of any passing to its original condition, but this is not always possible. This is true if some items at the scene are too contaminated with bodily fluids, for example, to be disinfected. 

Deaths are never an easy tie for those most closely impacted by the passing. We offer a practical service to help our clients, and we work discreetly and with compassion and integrity, all the while protecting their privacy and confidentiality. 

The center of all of our work is serving our clients, and we provide our death cleanup service to them around the clock on any day of the year. We arrive promptly and finish cleaning within a few hours, in most cases. We never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed. We will be happy to be of service should you ever need us. 

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