Types of Locksmiths in Perth

Do you reside in Perth, Western Australia? If yes, you might know how beautiful it is. It is also known as one of the most isolated cities. It is surrounded by nature and the ocean.

With a population of more than 2 million, Perth offers good infrastructure and housing facilities to the residents. And where there are houses and offices, there are locksmiths.

If you are living in Perth, you might need locksmith services at some point in your life. So to help you out, we are going to discuss different types of Locksmiths in Perth.

Types of Locksmiths in Perth:

Here is a list of all the different types of locksmiths you will find in the capital city Perth.

Emergency Mobile Locksmiths: These locksmiths offer emergency mobile services. If you are locked out of your car, office or house, you can call them. They provide 24 X 7 services to clients. They will come to your address. You don’t have to go anywhere. They will come to your rescue within 30 minutes. No matter where you are stranded or what time it is emergency Locksmith Perth are just a call away.

  • Automotive Locksmith:

These locksmiths deal with problems related to your automobile. They are expert professionals in offering key replacement services for your car, bike or truck. If you have any problems with your car key or lock you can contact them. They offer child lock, key replacement, duplicate key, key cutting, and transponder key and lock reprogramming services.

  • Residential Locksmith:

They are the most common type of locksmiths. If you have any issue with your house lock, you can call them. They offer a wide range of residential services. They will help in lockouts, installing locks, repairing locks, installing gates, intercom services, and key replacement services, maintenance of locks, glass door locks and fix doorknobs. No matter what problem you are facing with the locks, they have the key for everything.

  • Commercial Locksmith:

They provide services in commercial building like schools, colleges, offices, shops, companies, etc. All the fancy high-tech locks and access control systems are installed by commercial locksmiths Perth. They offer high-tech security solution using various technology. The biometric system in your offices if installed by them. All the installation, repairs and maintenance is carried out by commercial locksmiths.

  • Forensic Locksmith:

They are a very special type of locksmiths. Instead of providing common services, they excel in forensics. Because of the rise in burglary and other crimes, these locksmiths are highly demanded. They inspect the crime scene to identify how the lock was broken or the system was hacked. They provide much evidence to the police. They require special knowledge and skills.

  • Safe Locksmith:

Safe locksmiths work with safe security. If you want to install, repair or fix your safe, contact them. They require a separate set of skills and expertise to deal with sensitive safe locks. They also need a special set of tools to deal with safety locks.


These are some common types of locksmiths you will find in Perth. If you need any assistance with your residential, commercial or car locks, feel free to call your local locksmith.

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