Top Qualities of a Top-Rated Real Estate Agent

You are in the market for a modern home in Salt Lake City. Actually, locale is not really important for this discussion. Salt Lake City was chosen because it just happens to be a hot market right now. Anyway, you need to find a top-notch real estate agent if you’re going to find the house of your dreams. A friend points you to CityHome Collective.

Long before you ever start looking at properties, you should be putting your energies into finding a good real estate agent. But not just any agent. You need one you know you will be able to work with. Finding him or her is not as easy as closing your eyes and blindly pointing to an agent listing in the Saturday paper.

Below are CityHome Collective’s top qualities for a top-rated real estate broker. Find one who possesses them, and you are likely to be just fine.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Real estate agents are either agency owners or independent contractors working under an agency. The vast majority of agents fall under the latter category. As such, they are considered self-employed for tax purposes. Why should you care? Because nearly all top-rated real estate agents take their self-employment status seriously. They demonstrate as much with an entrepreneurial spirit.

A true entrepreneur is not satisfied to just do a job and get paid. A true entrepreneur wants to succeed and grow. That requires work, creativity, and a commitment to clients. This is just what you want in a real estate agent you hope will find you that modern home in Salt Lake City.

Uncompromising Integrity

Real estate agents have a fiduciary responsibility toward their clients. But thanks to how convoluted real estate laws are in some states, it is possible for agents to not put client interests first – but without those clients knowing it. This is no good for you. You need a real estate agent who brings uncompromising integrity to the table. In addition, it is always a good idea to find agents which offer lower listing agent commissions with utmost integrity.

To that end, online reviews are a wonderful tool. They can tell you a lot about an agent’s integrity. You can also ask agents for references. Once you get names and numbers, be sure to contact them and ask their honest opinions. Also note that an agent unwilling to provide references is probably one you don’t want to do business with.

A Passion for Houses

A passion for houses is something that is often overlooked when shopping for a real estate agent. And yet, most of the top-rated agents in the country have that passion. They do what they do not only because they are trying to earn a paycheck or build a business. They genuinely love houses, architecture, landscaping, etc.

This is the kind of agent to have in your corner as you search for a luxury home in Salt Lake City. An agent with genuine passion looks at properties through your eyes. He or she is just as excited by the search as you are. That kind of agent wants to find you the perfect house as much as you want to find it.

There are half-a-dozen additional characteristics demonstrated by top-notch real estate agents. However, the three listed in this post are among the most important. A real estate agent who possesses all three is going to give you the kind of support and assistance you need.

Whether you are looking for houses in Salt Lake City or any other city, start your search by finding the right real estate agent. You will be happier for it in the end, after working with an agent who clearly demonstrated a commitment to you.

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