Tips to Choose Rugs

A rug is the simplest way to make elegant and sophisticated flooring of your home which adds a unique charm. This thunderous tool for interior design is used to bring a classy and bold look to your home. While you deal with the decision of choosing area rugs you feel it is too difficult to make a smart choice which works with your background well. This is a chance for you to make the first impression of your guest, which can never be forgotten. There are too many materials, styles, designs, shapes, colors and sizes. Are you confused with a large variety? Then we are here to facilitate you while making a decision for choosing area rugs. Here are a few tips to choose an area rug which will help you to select the best. 

  • Area rugs Materials

First you need to decide about the material of which rug is manufactured. Select the one, which material can better hold up with your home. If you are purchasing a longer pile then it is comfortable for you and can last for a long time. High piles means luxury while low piles are also good but it cannot last for long time and can be damaged with a little heavier foot traffic. 

  • Rug Styles

You should select a style which can help you to reflect your personality and better match with other background decorations of your home.  For example you can select a sisal rug for your coffee table. You can choose rugs styles so that they can be layered to bring more luxury under your feet. 

  • Rug Size

You can choose a larger size rug so that your furniture can be managed on it. You can select one which is appropriate for your room size.  

  • Rug Pattern

If you are going to select patterned rug then be sure about the bold and classy look of your space. People choose bold and solid colors for their rooms which are furnished with patterned furniture. If you are choosing rugs before other designs then, you’d have to decide about an eye-catching pattern so that rug will work with other items well. 

  • Rug Color

Whenever you work with designing your home, the first thing which you need to deal with is choosing color. You have to decide which color suits you the best. You’ll always avoid such colors which disturb your mind and eyes. Color of your area rug will help you to tone the entire room or house. The contrast must be eye-pleasing. Consider which color affect you want to develop in your room, when deciding color.

  • Maintenance requirements

You always need to figure out how much maintenance is required to your rug while you choose a rug. Some rugs need regular vacuuming and some are beaten outside in old-fashion. High pile rug is difficult to clean and needs professional maintenance. They get damaged when directly exposed to sunlight. 

  • Pricing

You must choose a rug which is highly durable with a beautiful style and appropriate size, which is easily available in the market at affordable prices. 

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