The Relationship Between Stones And Concrete

The use of stones in work has a direct relationship with the concrete, as it will be an added element so that the resulting concrete achieves the properties of resistance, durability, workability, thermal, elastic, weight and volumetric changes.

Another essential element for the mixture to be adequate is to use suitable cement, which gives you quality and is adaptable to the type of construction you are doing,

Types Of Building Stones

The importance of stones in construction and the final result have already been mentioned above, so it is time for you to know the different types:

Crushed Stone

It is a tough stone, so it isn’t straightforward to break. To fulfill its function successfully it must be of smooth surface, have no dust, mud or adhered clay, and is used in beams, columns, and ceilings, but this is not all since you must pay attention as to the size of the crushed stone to use if it is, for example, the realization of a thin column you have to use small rocks.


The advantage of this type of stone is that the concrete Pile (ราคา เสาเข็ม ,which is the term in Thai) economical to be a mixture of crushed stone with coarse sand , but this same characteristic limits it only to low-strength concrete , such as false floors and foundations.

Drawer Stone

This type of stone also used in the concrete mix is ​​used for overlays . It does not measure more than 10 cm and is extracted from the rivers, being rounded, split, or angled.

Trench Stone

It meets the same physical characteristics of the drawer stone; only it measures up to 25 cm and is used for the construction of foundations.

Now that you know the types of stone that exist and the best option in cement for construction, do not wait any longer and get down to work.

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