The Practical Options for the Room Rents

Think about who your apartment is suitable for and what kind of target group you would probably like to stay in your apartment. Of course, it is also worth considering what kind of accommodation you would like to rent at all. You can get more info for that now as you contact a trusted site.

Direct contact and Morton Place allow you to select rooms yourself. However, please note that, for example, through the Booking website, guests can instead book directly and not control who can book. However, on the Booking website you can set certain criteria for residents. It is also good to remember that the Booking website works in much the same way as hotels and guests expect better service.

Serve guests well

Be available and respond promptly to guest inquiries. Also, be prepared to deal with potential problems faced by the guests. Your rapid response is especially required if, for example, the guest forgets the key or WiFi is not working.

Remember to tell the guests all the practical things like where the trash is and how the appliances work. Also inform each guest about the house’s policies and rules. It is good to respect the other tenants and rules of the housing association in order to maintain a neighborly settlement. Nor is it a disadvantage that you tell the housing company about your activities.

Make sure you pay your taxes correctly

You can reduce the cost of renting by deducting or deducting tax on capital gains. If no receipts are kept, the taxpayer will advise on this subject: “If you rent a furnished apartment and there is no other explanation of the rental cost, the flat rate deduction per apartment or room shall not exceed EUR 40 per month and the larger apartment EUR 60 per month.”

If the activity is considered as lodging, VAT is also payable. The taxpayer’s definition of accommodation is somewhat ambiguous. It is advisable to consult with the tax authorities to avoid any unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, if you rent a furnished apartment using a lease, the activity is not a lodging activity.

Prepare for a bad day

Through Morton Place, you will be covered for damage insurance. It is advisable to use insurance to cover potential damage. However, it is good for the landlord to also take care of the apartment with his own insurance. At that time, you can be sure that the insurance is exactly what you want and is always valid. In practice, it is difficult to monitor the validity of a changing tenant insurance, so you should not rely on it.

Apply for a permit if you rent through a company

If you rent furnished accommodation through a business, please note that professional accommodation requires authorization from your local health authority. So get permission before you start running your business.

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