The Best of Polished Plastering For Your House

When working with polished plaster, you cannot use tools made of ordinary steel, since they can leave difficult to remove rust spots on the surface. For these purposes, stainless steel spatulas are used. Without experience and skill, working with a trowel or putty knife is quite difficult. Only in the hands of a skilled craftsman does a tool, obeying precise movements, move in the right direction and at the required speed. For beginners, you can resort to using a spray. It does not require certain skills; almost everyone will cope with it.

To apply structural polished plaster, you can use a special roller that will help give the surface an original texture. Depending on the direction of movement and pressure force, a diverse texture and various patterns are obtained. Professional companies like Evoke Polished Plastering can offer you a great support in the whole process. Here is more info  about the same. However, the below information are also important.

Polished plaster is a sign of good taste

Along with protective properties, Polished and polished plaster has the ability to unrecognizably transform and decorate the appearance of the walls.

Polished stucco in our house

Comfort and coziness are the main components of our home, affecting the psycho-emotional state, determining our habits, tastes and preferences. But what is the secret of comfort and coziness?

Polished plaster and a few words in her favor

In the Polished plaster is an original finishing material with the effect of polished natural stone – marble, malachite, onyx, granite. With its help, any creative ideas for interior design of various styles and directions can be realized.

Polished stucco in the kitchen and bathroom

Such a unique quality as moisture resistance, allows the use of plaster in rooms with high humidity in bathrooms and pools.

Polished plaster is a material for polished wall surface decoration. This type of plaster was discovered by Italian masters, after which they worked on the technology of its application, bringing it to perfection. Europeans in the Renaissance preferred this material, and even then knew its value. The Polished gives the surface of the walls a marble effect with a unique natural pattern and veins.

Where to buy polished plaster and how to choose it?

In our store you can buy polished plaster wholesale and retail. The material is always available, and in the office you are presented with a huge selection of samples of Polished imitating polished marble.

Every person has ever seen stucco at least once in his life and knows what it is. It can be found everywhere in any building and premises. But probably not everyone heard about polished plaster, and many do not even realize its existence. It is known from history that this type of plaster, just like “polished”, has existed since ancient times and the place of its origin is not known. Maybe the ancient marble masters somehow managed to mix industrial waste and marble dust, then, mixing this “explosive” mixture with water, a new material was obtained. Such a material is more plastic unlike natural, and if you add dyes to it, you can get an unsurpassed color. All this was before.

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