Service Scavenger Hunt Game – One of the Most Fun and Meaningful Games Ever

Who said service can’t be fun! Play this extremely fun service game as a family, with a youth group or a bunch of teenagers, on that next large group date night, or during your next game night.

Begin by dividing the group into two equal teams, or form teams of 4-5 people each. This service game can be won in various ways: the first team to complete all the activities and makes it back to a central location is the winner; or, the team that completes the most in an hour is the winner. Or, just divide the activities up evenly and each team must complete their tasks, and the first team back wins. But, each task requires either a photo, the recipients initials, or an item to prove you actually completed that task. Regardless – just have fun and really help people!

Below is a list of many activities to be completed during this Service Scavenger Hunt Game (and you of course can think of many more ideas if desired). These activities can be done to/for any random person.

o Sweep the porch and sidewalks for someone

– PROOF: Get the initials of the person who you served

o Knock on 10 random doors and ask people to donate: old toys, clothes, blankets, food, books, etc. to give to a local charity.

– PROOF: Initials from every door, and bring items back (eventually give all these items to local family or charity

o Wash someone’s car

– PROOF: Initials, or photo of clean car

o Go to a grocery store and help a woman with kids, or older person, carry their grocery’s to the car

– PROOF: Initials, and plastic bag from that grocery store

o Ask a homeowner if they have any trash or junk you can help throw away for them

– PROOF: Initials, and photo of trash

o Wash windows for someone – their car or house

– PROOF: Initials and photo of clean windows

o Depending on the time of year: rake leaves, shovel sidewalk, mow lawn, pull weeds, etc (choose one or many)

– PROOF: Initials and photo of job done

o Buy some cookies or candy and give it to a random stranger – just to be nice

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