How to Prepare For a Crown Molding Installation Greenwood Village CO

There’s no doubt that the right type of crown molding installation Greenwood Village CO will add visual appeal to just about any room. While the process itself is straightforward, it pays to make some preparations in advance. Doing so means whoever is handling the installation doesn’t have to stop and make any sort of adjustments before moving on to the next wall. Here are some tips that will keep things simple.

Take Care of Wavy Walls

How smooth are the walls? You need perfectly flat surfaces to ensure the molding doesn’t bulge here and there. Spend some time checking the walls, especially along the line where you want to install the molding. You may need to do something about the drywall in places to achieve the even and smooth texture that’s needed.

As a bonus, you can also use a chalk line to mark the exact spot and make sure the molding along each wall is level. That will save a little more time once the installation begins.

Measure Once Then Measure Again

Do measure the molding that’s intended to adorn each wall. After you measure it once, do so again. That’s because there may be corners that are not exactly the same dimensions as the opposing wall. The goal is to only make one cut and avoid having to trim anything once you begin to hang the molding. Remember to mark each cut piece of molding so you know which wall it will ultimately grace.

Rearrange the Furniture to the Center of the Room

Things will go a lot faster if no one has to work over or around pieces of furniture. Feel free to move lighter items out of the room altogether. That makes it easier to shift all of the heavier and bulkier items to the middle of the space. Doing so allows the team installing the molding to place ladders and other essentials within easy reach and not have to constantly move something out of the way.

While you’re at it, consider taking down any bulky window treatments. The combination of the decorative hardware plus the elements themselves could make it more difficult to angle a section of molding into the ideal position.

Keep Tools and Supplies On Hand

Even with all of the advance planning, some unforeseen complication may arise once the actual crown molding installation Greenwood Village CO gets underway. For this reason, it makes sense to keep some extra tools and supplies close at hand. That includes nail guns, chalk lines, levels, and something to trim the end of a piece of molding if necessary. In the best-case scenario, whatever adjustment you need to do can be done without having to climb up and down the ladder several times.

Remember that taking care of the first wall is usually the most time-consuming. After successfully completing that part of the project, the remaining walls generally more along at a faster pace. Even so, take your time and don’t try to rush through the process. By paying attention to details and making sure every step is done properly, the result will be exactly the look that you want.

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