How to find a water leak in your home: causes and solutions

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Water leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, but with the right care, it is possible to solve the problem and know how to find a water leak in your home. Here we list most common reasons.

Old plumbing

Pipes with a long time of use are more susceptible to leaks and the best solution in this case is always complete maintenance, with the total replacement when learning how to find water leaks. Another common situation is the use of iron plumbing in old houses, which you should replace, as it is easy to corrode.

Poor quality pipes

Another problem is the use of poor quality plumbing, that is, from unknown brands and product of questionable material. Always be wary of very cheap pipes, as it is better to invest in something resistant and durable than to pay to see something dubious. Never throw paper and small objects into toilets, sinks and drains. This is a very simple but effective measure to ensure the durability of the system.

Poorly installed plumbing

Another situation that can promote leaks when learning how to detect water leaks is poorly installed plumbing. This happens when the professional who installs the pipes does not use the products correctly nor does the service without quality. It is necessary to look for an emergency plumber only with solid experience.

Non-standard plumbing for use

If the type of plumbing in the bathroom is PVC, but the water is hotter than the plumbing can withstand, then leaks will occur. We recommend to always using copper or reinforced PVC for higher temperatures.

Renovations and holes in the wall

Another cause of leaks is accidents that due to lack of care we can commit when trying to discover water leaks. Whether it’s a renovation or just nailing a picture on the wall, if there are pipes running through there, there may be holes in the pipes and leaks that are not always large, but will show signs in the next few days or months.

Can you identify the leaks?

Water leaks are huge disorders that usually show signs soon, but some are only noticed when you look more closely. Infiltrations, excessive humidity, stained walls, dark or yellow mold, peeling paint, falling plaster are a few characteristics of leaks. In bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, you can see these characteristics when you find leaks, such as damp and stained walls, even the softest and peeling paint. Falling plaster can be common in areas that are still undergoing renovation or construction, in which case it is possible to break the brick and repair the plumbing easily.

However, there are leaks that are simple when you know how to find a water leak, like a faucet that will not stop dripping or a leaking toilet. The real problem is the hidden leaks that can take up to years to for you to notice since to hear them you need professional equipment. It is no use just knowing how to find a water leak. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the small warning signs, to notice the problem and seek specialized help.

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