Highlights On Rent receipt

Faking rent receipts to claim tax deduction under HRA? It will be ...

The delivery of the rent receipt is free and compulsory in cases where the tenant requests it from the lessor and has paid his rent over the given period. The lessor or his agent is obliged to transmit a receipt free of charge to the tenant who requests it […] With the express agreement of the tenant, the lessor may proceed to the dematerialized transmission of the receipt. If the tenant makes a partial payment, the lessor is required to issue him a receipt.

The lessor or his agent can schedule an automatic sending of the rent receipt to facilitate everyone’s organization and save time. What information is found in this document? The receipt must include certain mandatory information, namely:

  • the name and contact details of the tenant;
  • its date of issue;
  • the total amount of the sums paid by the tenant, the amount of the rent being distinguished from the amount of the provision for charges paid every month;
  • the month corresponding to the payment.

Why Ask For A Rent Receipt When You Are A Tenan

In various situations, you may be asked for a rent receipt. Strong Indeed, the receipt can serve in some cases as proof of address especially in Condo near Khlong San (คอนโด คลองสาน which is the term in Thai). For the tenant, this document also makes it possible to justify the proper payment of the rent and charges, and in particular to prevent any dispute or litigation with the lessor. The various sums paid by the tenant to the lessor are all mentioned there.

If you have left your accommodation, but you need to obtain rent receipts, send a request to your former lessor ; the latter will be obliged to provide them to you, if this has never been done . Also be aware that you do not have to justify the usefulness of your request.

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