Granite and Quartz: Which is Better?

Few design components trigger a heated argument, as well as divide property owners about which is better, granite or quartz. Don’t think me? But is any one really better compared to the other, or is it simply a matter of looks?

Granite is a really hard stone, as well as one hundred percent natural. It’s extracted from quarries all over the globe, reduced to a convenient dimension, and then polished to a fine coating.

Quartz is a bit different in this, it isn’t totally natural. Rather, countertops are made utilizing 95 percent of natural quartz, as well as 5 percent of polymer resins.

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Since you recognize the basics, let’s see exactly how they compare versus each other.

  • Appearance


Granite are found in various patterns and colors due to the means it’s formed, solidifying and cooling of molten materials. If you’re trying to search for a subtle enhancement to your standout slab or kitchen slab with one-of-a-kind mineral inclusions, there is a practically unlimited option to pick from, as well as no two granite kitchen counters, are the same.


Among the primary factors, quartz has blown up in popularity results from the look. Quartz has the look of rock while additionally enabling homeowners to tailor the layout. While granite provides lots of choices in regards to look, you may need to search for the ideal piece that matches your color design. With quartz, the selection procedure is a lot easier.

  • Environmentally-Friendly


The only means granite ends up in your kitchen area is if it’s quarried, and that utilizes a great deal of power. If you choose a premium piece from Italy, there will be significant transport involved as an example. When possible or browse through salvage, try utilizing the aboriginal stone look for pieces that can be cut to fit your needs.


Given that quartz is engineered, it is able to be a lot more environmentally-friendly compared to granite if you utilize locally produced stone, as well as local makers. This reduces the range the material requires to be delivered.

  • Upkeep


These countertops need not be cleaned every day with soap, as well as water or a lighthouse cleaner. Some acids and oils acids can discolor, so do your homework initially to stay clear of stains. To make certain the durability of your financial investment, think to seal your countertops once a year.


Like granite, you’ll intend to clean any kind of spills on quartz kitchen counters with soap, as well as water or a house cleaner, yet that’s about it in regards to upkeep. The solid surface area means that there is no demand to have your countertops resealed.

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