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One of the most important roles of digital Door latch (กลอนประตู which is the term in Thai) is to keep your home or workplace safe. With the ever increasing crimes and theft it is crucial to check whether your door latch is fully functional and strong enough to prevent vandalism. Earlier people doesn’t have much options and have to depend on the traditional lock and key but now with the advancement of technology ever new convenient, safe and effective locking solution is hitting marketplace that offer simple keyless entry. As keeping the contents and the people of a home or office safe and secure is a number one priority hence choose the best digital door lock of reputable brand and have peace of mind.

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The popularity of the digital door lock is increasing across the globe and it has been widely used in residence, commercial area, educational institute, healthcare center, hospitality industry, etc. Electronic door lock system not only help you to get rid of physical keys it provide instant notification if something went wrong such as invasion, wrong code is entered, fire incident, door left open, etc. So, with the high performance digital lock you can expect high level of security in your premise. Traditional lock needs to be replaced if your keys are lost or stolen but if you forgot the code of the digital lock there are multiple ways to unlock it.

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The best part of Fingerprint scanning system (ระบบสแกนลายนิ้วมือ which is the term in Thai) is that it can be installed in almost all types of doors such as UPVC Doors, Timber and Wood Doors, Aluminum and Glass Doors, External Doors, etc. and the installation process is also simple and fast. There are ample of options when it comes to electronic door lock system such as biometric equipment, magnetic locks, electric door strikes, electric bolt locks, electronic keypad locks, etc. Read the reviews of the each product and choose the right one as per your lifestyle, preference and budget.

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