Decorative glass-Colorful PVB laminated glass

Laminated glass,as mentioned in our product page, with different functional materials,laminated glass can be made with various functions,for example dichroic glass,bulletproof glass,hurricane proof glass,privacy smart switchable glass,etc.

Laminated glass decoration function is achieved with laminating organics inside for interior decoration,for exterior decoration ,colorful interlayers are laminated inside to make glass colorful,here we introduce several awesome projects with colorful laminated glass.

The most famous colorful PVB brand is Vanceva,Vanceva offers thousands color options which offers unlimited creative freedom to architects and designers,Vanceva also launched “world of color awards” to promote the most featured projects with Vanceva PVB products.

Case study 1:Rainbow glass cliff

The project is located in Beijing east lake harbor canyon,glass processed by Beijing Guanhua East.

The glass sky-walk was built in a height of 600 meters,total length 1200 meters with 128M color laminated glass bridge.

Glass Combination:

15 + RB71 +15 low iron heat soaked laminated glass for glass floor.

6 + RB41 +6 low iron heat soaked laminated glass for glass balcony.

The rainbow glass cliff attract over 500,000 visitors per year to overlooking canyon.

Meanwhile,In Southwest China and Southeast China,another 2 tourist attraction adopted similar design,rainbow glass steps and glass skywalk was built to attract more visitors.

Morn Comment: Compared with traditional clear glass, The colorful glass stairs and glass steps does decrease the visitors’ sense of fear when walking on the skylight,people are more willing to take pictures on it.

Architects and designers should be aware that,these glass steps and sky-walk have limited size,glass width are always less than 1000mm and unit area below 1.5sqm,the design purpose and glass application don’t allow large crowds.

Whether it’s Vanceva and other China PVB brands,the colorful interlayer are ultimately PVB,whose shearing modulus and strength is much lower than SGP interlayer,especially in outdoor high temperature application.

PVB laminated glass can be applied in temporary short time stay,for large glass panels ,please always select high strength multi layer SGP structural laminated glass.

Case 2:OVO green square,Sydney

OVO ,The 28-storey ellipsoid-shaped tower, located on the corner of Bourke and Ebsworth streets, will be home to more than 600 new residents.

The project facade is made with 1,800 panels in 134 different shapes and 17 different colours.

Glass Combination: 16,000SQM.

6 low iron with ceramic frit HS +12A+ 6mm low iron HS

6mm Low-iron HS+1.52mm Vanceva PVB+6mm Low-iron HS

Morn Comment:

The OVO glass colorful glass facade makes the building unique and become a new landmark in Sydney.Even though most colorful panels are insulated glass with colorful silk screen,Vanceva accounts little part of the facade,but the building does shows the color’s decoration function in glass facade.

Why the glass facade don’t use colorful laminated glass?

The biggest reason is glass costs.Colorful laminated glass panel price is 30-50% higher than clear laminated glass,which cause glass facade over-budget.

Even though architects and designer prefers to using multi colors in one projects,problem is,each package colorful PVB interlayers container 600-800 square meters,multi colors means multi raw materials purchasing and preparing,it’s difficult for glass factories to use the balance interlayer for other projects.So the more colors,the higher laminated glass price.

Modern energy efficient glass facade always choose high performance double silver low-E,triple silver low-E on glass panels,even if the facade combination is laminated insulated glass,clear PVB always has the highest priority,If applying colorful PVB in the exterior laminated glass, low-E coating reflective colors (typically blue or silver grey color)  will cause color interference with PVB colors and made laminated glass lost its color characters.

Colorful laminated glass are always used for facade louvers or decoration works that don’t need energy efficiency.

Yangzheng nursery school located in West China also use colorful lami for interior and exterior decoration works to fit the building education application.

Honorable Mention project in Northern Ireland select multi colorful Vanceva laminated glass for the glass louvers.

Actually despite the strong decoration function of color laminated glass, the colorful interlayers also works to decrease glass solar shading coefficient,some laminated glass sheets use grey,bronze,green colors to decrease glass light transmittance with the lowest costs,these laminated sheets always use China local brands whose price is just 1/3 – 1/5 that of international brands.

In some cases,translucent and opaque PVB interlayers protect peoples privacy.


  1. Colorful laminated glass price is generally higher than normal clear laminated,the more colors,the higher price.
  2. Colorful laminated glass has strong decoration function,but cannot be used on same glass panels with low-E coatings.
  3. Colorful laminated glass can help decrease glass SC ,work as solar barriers.
  4. Translucent PVB &opaque pvb laminated glass protect people’s privacy.

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