Comprehensive packing and moving service in Australia

Bells Removals is a company specialising in local, interstate and international removals of goods for home and office shifting. Apart from packing and moving, the company also offers storage facilities for goods. Door to door service is provided in all the states in Australia and international locations all over the world. There are also many associated services offered by the company. One can easily get the price quote by accessing the website of Bell Removals and clicking on get a quick removal quote here.

Suite of services

Both home and office removal are offered by Bells Removals. The packing materials such as cartons, bubble wraps, tapes, etc. for various kinds of items are brought by the removal specialists of the company. The removal specialists start with the largest room of the house and proceed to the smaller rooms.. All the items are stored in cartons of various sizes. Each carton is marked with the room name and the contents in it. In the case of offices, all the equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, etc. are labeled and placed in highly protective cartons. The vehicles are equipped with loading and moving equipment such as hydraulic tailgates for heavy equipment. At the new home or office, the clients can either choose to unpack themselves or opt for valet unpacking service offered by the company. Cleaning services for homes and offices after the goods have been moved are also offered. Everything such as vacuuming and dusting of rooms, bathrooms and wardrobes along with washing of floors and bathrooms are done by the cleaners.

Bells Removals offer special removal service for pianos of all types and sizes. Even very large pianos located on top floor apartments are removed using cranes. Special packing and transportation are provided for removing valuable antique items. Apart from goods, Bells Removals also offers pet removal service. The company collaborates with pet and livestock transport companies to safely and legally transport pets.  

Storage facilities are also available for short and long term storage of goods. Even single items such as antiques, pianos and other valuable items can be stored in the warehouses. The company offers large containers to store high volume goods and modules to store a small number of goods.

Types of removals

Bell Removals offer local, interstate and international removals. Local door to door delivery of goods is completed swiftly. The whole process of packing, loading, transporting and delivery at the final location is performed in a methodical manner without delays. Interstate removal service covers the whole of Australia. The furniture and other goods are wrapped in highly protective packaging to avoid damage during the interstate journey. The drivers of trucks or vans used to transport the goods are provided all the necessary documents to get through the state borders without any trouble. The goods are delivered in perfect condition within the time period specified to the client.

Bell Removals has a network of international partners to move goods to locations outside Australia. The international moving experts of the company manage the paperwork involving customs and export clearances and ensure that the goods are delivered to the client in the foreign country on time.


The customers are provided with a quick price quotation. All one needs to do is visit the website of Bells Removals and fill the form which is present under

get a quick removal quote here. A price quote is generated as per the details entered in the form.

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