Why is the Vitamix blender the first choice of the people?

Vitamix is the brand in the blender’s industry. If you are a health-conscious person, you will have heard the name of Vitamix. Every day in the morning we make the juice, soup, and any other things, for doing these things we need of a good blender. When a fruit put into the blender, it grinds the fruit and makes the juice. If your appliance is not worthy, then you will not get the proper mixture of the fruit and ingredients. There are many blenders of the Vitamix you can buy for the market for the best use.

Which is the best blender Vitamix 5200 or Vitamix 5300?

Vitamix 5200 VS 5300

Container size and design

The first thing that matters about any blender is the size and design of the container. If we talk about the Vitamix 5200, it has a height of 20.5,” and the container is 64oz, while Vitamix 5300 has a height of 17.25 inches. The ounce capacity of the blender Vitamix 5200 is functional than the Vitamix 5300. You must choose the design according to your interests.  


Vitamix 5200 blender consists of the blade of 3 inches, while 5300 contains the blade of the 4 inches. The blades of both blenders are made of stainless steel. When we are buying the blender, it is imperative to choose the one blender which has a sturdy blade.


The Vitamix 5200 has excellent features while there is a lack of useful features in the 5300. Vitamix 5300 blender comes with the pulse function. The controller is used to controlling the speed of the blade or blending. We can access a sufficient speed to cut the fruits into the blender by the controller. With the help of the controller, speed can be processed lowest to highest. 5300 BLENDER consists of a button in the middle, and one is on the left side, the left button is also used as the pulse function. In the 5200, you will not enjoy the pulse function.


When the user makes the juice or anything else, after the process, he cleans the blender. Anyone can easily clean the blender with the help of a sponge. To clean the Vitamix 5300 is comfortable than 5200 because of the size of the blender 5300. It has a broader size, so cleaning becomes effortless.


If we talk about security, both the blenders have the cooling fans, which prevent the mixer from overheating. The thermal protection system is also used in the Vitamix 5300, whether Vitamix 5200 does not consist of this feature.


At the point of price, both the blenders have reasonable prices.  The Vitamix 5300 blender has a lower price than the Vitamix 5200.


The above post defines the specification of both blenders. In some cases, Vitamix 5300 is better than the Vitamix 5200, and in other situations, 5200 is goo than the 5300. It also depends on the interest of the user, which type of features is his choice. Here is the only vitamix blender comparison, so also give importance to the interest of choosing one blender between both.

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