What to Know Before You Buy Plum Tree Online

If you are new to the fruit tree planting scene, then its best you start off easy, and how easier can it get than starting off with a plum tree. These trees are relatively easy to plant and nurture, so why don’t you get one now. Given the right guide, you can easily buy plum tree online and begin your tree growing journey. Maybe this article can be some guide for you.

Choosing a Specie

In terms of species, there are generally three major categories which the species of plum trees fall under. It is important you get the right one as each specie would only flourish if certain conditions are met. The three major categories are the European, Japanese and American hybrids.

The European variety flourishes in much more regions than the other. So if you buy plum tree online that is of the European variety, there is the high possibility that it would do well in your garden. The Japanese variety, on the other hand, does better in places where peach trees are known to flourish. And lastly, the American hybrids which are the toughest of the three categories are known to survive in even extreme conditions.

It is noteworthy that while the European variety, usually self-pollinates, the other two categories require cross-pollination. This should be put into consideration if you wish to buy plum tree online and you do not have space for more than one tree in your garden.

Planting a Plum Tree

When you buy plum tree online, you should plant them as soon as you can. And make sure you plant in an area that is constantly wet and has a low clay content. The availability of direct sunlight is also pivotal if you want your plum tree to flourish. The growing tree should have at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day.

If you are planting more than one plum tree, then its best you leave a space of at least 20 feet between each tree. If you are planting a dwarfed variety, however, then the space should be at least 10 feet between each.

It is advised that you dig a hole that is a few inches deeper and wider than the roots of the plum tree you intend to plant. This allows the tree roots much easier access to the soil around it so that it can stand firm. You should also keep the tree staked for at least a year during which it would have been strong enough to stand on its own.

Why Plant a Plum Tree?

The real question should be why not? Plums are known to be more nutrient-rich than apples or pears. So if the old saying is anything to go by – an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine how much more beneficial to your health it would be if you always have fresh plum within your reach.

As earlier also, plums are relatively easier to plant to other fruit trees. Although they are known to suffer from a range of diseases, these trees do not easily become infected with them. They offer more resistance to diseases than other fruit varieties.

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