What are vinyl and laminate tiles?

For those who are selecting flooring for the first time, it can be a little frustrating. With a lot of options to select from, how do you know what is what and which to pick for your room? What is the distinction between vinyl tile and laminate tile [กระเบื้อง ยาง กับ ลา มิ เนต, which is the term in Thai] , as well as what are their benefits? As experts in the market, we will focus some light on this. Due to the fact that vinyl floor covering as well as laminate floor covering are comparable in look, people frequently perplex these two choices. They are actually two totally different floor covering products. We take a closer look at several of the distinction between the two products:

  • Their Material

Vinyl and laminate flooring alternatives are made from different products, as well as this is where their major distinction lies. Laminate floor covering includes 99% timber, while vinyl floor covering is 100% vinyl. Both offer beautiful designs that imitate wood floor covering.

  • Setup

When it concerns installing vinyl and laminate floor covering, both options are similarly easy to install. Some individuals favor installing their very own flooring while others rely upon the experts. If you are not familiar with the items and if the setup seems too challenging, we recommend obtaining experts.

  • Their Sturdiness

When we consider the durability of the vinyl floor covering versus laminate floor covering, the two are relatively equivalent. While both flooring choices are durable, superior vinyl floor covering is normally harder. We advise vinyl floor covering for high traffic locations; nevertheless, high-quality laminate floor covering ranges are likewise able to hold up against high traffic.

  • Their Resistance to Dampness

Vinyl floor covering offers resistance to water, as well as laminate flooring, with its wetness protection equilibrium support, make both kinds of flooring ideal for bathrooms, as well as kitchen areas.

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