The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Floral Wallpaper

Covering your home’s interior with floral wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring nature inside. These delightful patterns offer serenity and joy to any space they grace, adding a sense of timelessness one can’t easily replicate with paint.

Regardless, it is essential to strike a balance when applying flower print wallpaper to avoid overwhelming a space. To help you make the most out of your floral wallpaper, here are some dos and don’ts to remember:

The Dos of Styling with Floral Wallpaper

Keep it Simple

Floral pattern wallpaper is highly versatile and can fit various interior designs. However, keep it all simple if you want to bring out the best of these wall coverings.

The best floral wallpapers have a chaste pattern that does not overwhelm the room with complex designs. This simplicity allows you to appreciate the beauty of your flower print wallpaper as it creates a breezy atmosphere.

Increase Depth with Texture

When choosing wallpaper, you also have to consider the texture. The texture will determine how your floral wallpaper will work in the space.

Usually, raised floral wallpaper provides a bigger depth to a room. To keep textured wallpaper dainty, we recommend choosing lighter colours. Also, keep darker florals on a single side of the room and highlight them with pastel and neutral shades.

Try Bigger Prints

If you are looking for a way to increase the size of a room without spending too much, you can try using floral wallpaper with larger prints.

Bigger floral prints can elevate a space and give the illusion of larger walls. Additionally, they can create cohesion without dominating the room.

The Don’ts of Styling with Floral Wallpaper

Mix and Match

While many other wallpapers benefit from blending with different designs, this is not sound advice for floral patterns. An inconsistent and diverse mix could lead to a messy and chaotic look.

As much as possible, align all the patterns of your wallpaper so that they seamlessly meld together. Additionally, you can increase harmony in the space by using solid-coloured curtains and sheets that fit nicely with the print.


Decorating your entire home’s interior with fancy floral wallpaper can be tempting. Unfortunately, using too many flower patterns can overpower the space to the point where it becomes excessive.

We recommend pairing a single-statement wallpaper with supplementary furniture and fabrics to bring balance. If you want more charm, restrict the floral wallpaper to one accent wall.

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Floral wallpaper is an underappreciated beauty in interior home design. Whether classic or modern, flower pattern wallpaper can deliver lushness and vibrance to many properties.

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