Symbolism behind every flower

What does each flower symbolize? Which flowers represent love, hope, healing, loss, and good luck? In this article we are going to explore the of meaning of different flowers. Whether you are picking out a flower bouquet for Mother’s Day or a wedding or planting a garden, it’s important to know the meaning behind each flower. The symbolic language of flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. Since on online flower shops the list of blooms is endless, it’s important to know what kind of sentiment you are expressing through your bouquet. The right flowers for every occasion As we said already, it is important to look for the right flower for evey occasion. Let’s analyze the meaning of the most popular flowers that you might choose for your bouquet: Daffodil Daffodils symbolize honesty and truth. They can also stand for forgiveness. They bloom each spring almost regardless of the winter weather. Daffodils should be given as a symbol of forgiveness, or in appreciation. The Narcissus, also known as the Daffodil or Paperwhite, is the flower of December. Daisy Daises convey innocence, loyal love, and purity. It’s also said to represent keeping a secret between friends. The daisy is a perky and fun bloom that comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. Daisies make up almost 10% of all flowering plants on Earth, growing on every continent except Antarctica. In history, suitors would wear a daisy during the days of chivalry, and the women would include a daisy as part of their souvenirs to signify availability. Lily This breathtaking bloom has two meanings: one as a sign of purity and magnificent beauty, and the other as a symbol of rebirth or resurrection. In ancient Greek mythology, the calla lily represented the goddess Hera. Often used in both weddings and funerals, they are beautiful alone and require few additional flowers or greenery to create stunning bouquets for special events.

More flowers symbolism

Peony The peony’s representation of bashfulness stems from the notion that nymphs were said to hide within its petals. In China and Japan, they are viewed as the “King of Flowers” and are portrayed frequently in paintings and artwork from the Eastern world. Sunflower The way a sunflower stand with its petals towards the sun should be an indicator of the symbolism of the sunflower. Spiritual attainment, along with good luck and ambition, can bring warmth to someone moving into a new place, starting a new job, or just because. We are now going to briefly analyze the meaning behind the different color of roses, one the most popular flower: Lavender Rose means love at first sight and enhancement. Orange (Coral) Rose symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, and fascination. Pink Rose represents happiness, gracefulness, gratitude and gentleness. The classic red rose embodies love, respect, courage & passion while the white rose symbolizespurity, secrecy, silence, innocence, and charm. And finally, the yellow rose means joy, gladness, friendship and “I Care.” Now it’s your time to choose your perfect bouquet and send it to someone your care!
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