Modern bedroom office furniture ideas

Wake up, make coffee, and head over to do some work at your desk. There are perks to work from home. No travel time, fewer interruptions, and more control over your work environment. You need to make conscious decisions about how you work most efficiently and how your workspace can help.

51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

Probably people would choose a separate office over an office-bedroom combo. Building a dedicated workspace in a bedroom can be the next best thing. To make work more productive, planning is required. Below are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your bedroom office.

The perfect desk

The desk is the key to any bedroom office. You must invest in the right one. Choose the one with adequate space to fit all your computing gear on, whilst still having space left over to work.

You can use a wide range of different desks including corner and panel end desks. It’s best to go for something that’s been designed for the home office. Work range has been developed entirely with the home office.

There are cantilever and goal post desks in a variety of different styles and colors.

Facing your desk toward a window is a smart move. Having your back to the bed, you’ll be less distracted by thoughts of a sweet nap when you’re trying to work.

Trestle tables look elegant and are good for wide spaces. If the majority of your work is online, then you probably won’t need much storage.

Get the right chair

The chair makes a huge difference in your health and comfort while you work. If you won’t be using the chair much, you have more scope to have aesthetics. You’ll want to get a supportive and comfortable chair, preferably of the well-designed ergonomic variety.

Each component of the chair should be adjustable. Make sure it supports, armrests, and seat height adjustment to your body.

 An office chair will provide the support you need to minimize backache and injury. A comfy chair is also always handy to have in the bedroom for prime comfort when getting ready!

Consider multipurpose furniture

 If you’re working with limited space, use your desk as a bedside table. Little things you can do to help your laptop or turn off your computer, removing all papers, and work-related items as a workspace again.

Use a closet

Putting your desk and computer in a closet when you’re done is a fabulous idea to save space. It means that the office won’t have a visual impact on the rest of the bedroom.

Master bedroom office design

Consider having a full desk set-up for your workday. You can make use of a wall or even better, a wall with windows because who doesn’t love working with a view and good lighting.

Don’t let your workspace cramp your bedroom style. Have enough space to walk around and pick furniture that won’t be an eyesore. Look for a chair that tucks under the desk to have more space when you’re not working. 

Small bedroom with a desk space

If you have got a small bedroom to work, try swapping out your nightstand for a desk. This provides you the functionality of both a desk and nightstand in one. It also means you have one less furniture piece to pay for. If you’ll look to buy this set-up, make sure to set your reading lamp on the inside edge of the desk. It will be accessible for both working and reading.

Office with a Daybed

If you have a room that’s tight on space, consider an office with a daybed. Without a full-size bed, you can have a larger desk, a bookshelf, and a chair. The daybed has a smaller footprint and offers a place to relax during working hours.

Bookcase with a desk

Even now if you don’t have a room for a workspace, think again! This design makes an office space into even the smallest bedrooms. It can even fit into an entryway or pass-through space.

Many bookcase models come with an option that has a desk in place of lower shelves. This is a great way to merge functional storage with a workspace.

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