Making the Perfect Monogramming for You

This guide will allow you to choose the embroidery machine that best suits your use and your budget. You can use the embroidery machine to make beautiful patterns on your fabrics. You quickly become addicted to this creative and exciting pastime.

Sewing and embroidery machines or embroidery machines alone

There are two types of embroidery machines: sewing machines which also allow embroidery to be made or embroidery machines alone.

The sewing and embroidery machine is more versatile and allows you to sew and embroider with one machine. On the other hand, it will be necessary to think precisely about the order of execution of your work to avoid wasting time by switching from sewing mode to embroidery mode or vice versa.

The embroidery machine alone saves you this kind of hassle. Immediately operational in embroidery mode, it most often has a large touch screen and embroidery frames allowing you to select the motif to embroider in the blink of an eye and start making it. Using the monogramming machine is essential there.

Which brand of embroidery machine to choose?

We have chosen to offer you only the most creative and reliable brands. With them, you will be able to work serenely and focus on your embroidery.

Combined machine or 2 machines apart?

Advantages: Add the cost of the 2 machines to get an idea, you will find that the combined machine is more economical and takes up less space, perhaps easier to transport than 2 machines. Ask yourself if you can afford to buy two and if you will use each one fully.

Disadvantages: on the other hand, you cannot sew and embroider at the same time; and when the machine goes into maintenance we can no longer practice any of the 2 activities.

Electronic or mechanical

  • Machine chassis: aluminum in general
  • Hook type (bobbin position): rotary flat (most common) or vertical (Bernina)
  • Stitch selectors (drag & drop = touch to move the pattern on the screen): buttons or I-Height Touch screen or TFT Touch screen.

Screen: size of the LCD screen, ergonomic, in color? 

A large screen makes it easier to choose the embroidery patterns, see the patterns and colors to embroider.

Lighting: number of LED lamps? 

These indicator lights reproduce natural light to illuminate the workspace, and are sometimes adjustable for the comfort of the eyes.

LED light guide wire: these indicator lights allow you to identify wire breaks, predict the end of the spool and anticipate its change, identify the colors of the wires.

Thread cutter: automatic lower thread cutter function? some machines have small manual wire cutters in all useful places.

Needle threader system manual or automatic threading? Prevents the embroidery thread from overlapping.

Integrated camera: a precise positioning sticker simplifies the embroidery work.

Country of origin: Switzerland (Bernina), Thailand (Bernina), Taiwan (Brother), Japan (Janome) …

Frames delivered with the machine: their number and variety of dimensions (expensive to buy later)

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