How Do You Maintain Cable Railings?

Cable railings are popular for balconies, porches, and staircases due to their sleek, minimalist design. Cable railings require periodic maintenance to keep them in good working condition and ensure the safety of occupants. Here are the main steps to properly maintain cable railings:

To maintain cable railings properly:

  1. Clean the cables, posts, and wood thoroughly once or twice a year
  2. Lubricate the cables after cleaning with cable railing lubricant
  3. Inspect cables and fasteners for damaged or lose connections
  4. Replace any worn or damaged parts
  5. Apply UV protectant
  6. Choose the right railing contractor
  • Clean the cables regularly

The buildup of dirt and grime on the cables can cause corrosion and weaken the cables over time. Clean the cables at least twice a year. Use a degreaser or soap and water with a rag or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and dry the cables with a towel.

  • Check for rust and corrosion

Corrosion is one of the main causes of cable railing failure. Inspect the cables, fittings, and metal posts for any signs of rust or corrosion. Apply a rust inhibitor or converter primer and paint over any rust spots to prevent further corrosion. Replace severely corroded cables and metal parts as needed.

  • Lubricate all pivot points

Lubricate all fittings, hinges, and pivots that allow the cables to move. Use a dry lubricant spray or wet lubricant grease. This will prevent squeaking and sticking and extend the life of moving parts.

  • Tighten all nuts and bolts

Over time, nuts and bolts holding the railing together may loosen due to vibrations or temperature changes. Tight all the nuts and bolts. Use a socket wrench or ratchet to tighten any that are loose.

  • Replace damaged or broken parts

Inspect cables for any kinks, breaks, or excessive fraying. Replace any damaged or broken cables immediately to ensure safety. Also, replace any cracked, broken, or corroded posts, fittings, or hardware.

  • Apply UV protectant

For cable railings exposed to sunlight, apply a UV protectant sealer to the cables and metal parts every 1 to 2 years. This will help prevent damage from UV rays that can cause cables to become brittle.

  • Chose the right cable contractor

Choosing the right contractor to handle your railing needs is important for ensuring long-lasting durability and safety. The contractors of Los Angeles Cable Railing offer various services related to cable railings.

1. Look for experience

Cable railings require expertise to install correctly. Check how long the contractors have been in business installing and maintaining cable railings. Companies in the industry for several years have mastered the techniques to install cable railings that last.

2. Check license and insurance

Reputable railing companies will have general contractor’s licenses, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. This protects you in case of accidents during installation or repairs. Ask for copies of the license and insurance documents to verify.

3. Ask for references

Speak to past clients of the contractor to understand their experiences regarding quality, responsiveness, warranty support, and overall satisfaction. Positive reviews and recommendations are a good sign you have found the right railing contractor.

Following these simple maintenance steps regularly and choosing the right railing contractor can keep your cable railings functioning at their best for many years.

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