Get A Six Pack in A Week: Learn the Steps

People ask me all the time, what does it take to get a six pack in a week?

First, you need to realize a six pack in a week is only attainable if you have an appropriate body-fat percentage right from the start. Not everyone can get there quickly, but with the right advice, the right workouts, and the right diet you can see results exponentially faster than anyone else.

Enlightening yourself on the right six pack diet and workout will put you in the best position to get those “beach abs” everyone is jealous of in the least amount of time.

First, the diet. The number one reason why people don’t have a six pack is because their body-fat percentage is too high. Many people complain that relentless crunches and cardio aren’t getting them the results they want. And for most of them, the problem is their diet.

A good diet consists of high protein, low fat foods. This will both help you build muscle and lose weight. This includes foods like eggs, milk, fish, etc. If you get in a habit of eating healthier everyday, you’ll be astounded by the results. I’ve seen people who’ve done crunches and cardio for months see noticeable results in weeks just by switching up their eating habits.

Second, the workout. To build muscle in your abdominal region you first need to understand that their are four distinct parts of your “core”, all of which you need to work out to get results. These parts include the lower and upper abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Yes, lower back does play a significant role in developing a six pack and in many cases is largely overlooked; it holds up your entire core region and will make your abs look much tighter and more defined than they actually are.

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