Different types of dryers that you should know about

Over the past few years, the demand for dryers has seen a rise in America. This is largely due to the fact that the dryer technology has got advanced and cheaper with time. There are a lot of companies related to maintenance and dryer repair Los Angeles that can help you in choosing and installing the right dryer for your requirements.

The following are different types of dryers that you should know about.

  • Vented dryers

These are one of the most popular types of dryers around the world due to their low cost and low maintenance. These dryer make use of simple technology to provide you with dry clothes. In these dryers, hot air is flown into the dryer chamber using various air vents, while the chamber rotates. From the other side, the moist and cool air is sucked out of the machine.

  • Condenser dryers

Condenser or condensing dryers are also extremely popular nowadays. These dryers make use of a device called the heat exchanger in order to dry your clothes. Warm air is passed through your clothes. The resulting moist air is then dumped into the room where the dryer is kept and the water is dumped through a drainage pipe.

  • Washer dryer

These machines are a combination of a washer and a dryer in one. This machine makes use of an internal condenser dryer. Water is also used in the drying process in order to cool the heat exchanger, which means that this machine uses water for washing as well as drying.

  • Heat pump dryer

These dryers make use of a heating and cooling loop in order to make sure that your cloths are properly dried. A heating coil takes in the air and heats it, and then this air is transferred into the chamber where you clothes are placed. Once the air becomes moist, it is sucked out, reheated and then again sent into the dryer.

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