7 Automated Gate Maintenance Tips To Reduce Wear And Tear

As with most mechanical objects, you would need to properly maintain your automated gate in order to reduce potential wear and tear—and, hence, prolong its lifespan. Of course, an automated gate company, Lakewood, California would be available to assist you fix any problems you have with your mechanized gate later on, but it is best to maintain it properly as well.

Here are tips you can employ to maintain your automated gate properly:

Regular cleaning. The most basic maintenance for an automated gate is to keep it clean. Washing the gate regularly, thoroughly cleaning once or twice a year, is enough to prevent simple wear and tear from happening. Of course, you also have to clean the gate when necessary—when there’s visible stains or dirt, for instance. Waxing it once a year is also advised. Be careful not to get the gate’s opener—or any mechanized parts—wet to prevent damage.

Check out for unusual sounds. Another basic maintenance procedure for anything mechanical or automated is to check for unusual sounds or noises coming from it. If your automated gate makes noises when it operates, check if its mechanism needs lubrication. Otherwise, it may need to be checked and fixed professionally.

Visual inspection. You need to regularly inspect if there are dents in any parts of the gate, and if the bolts are screwed tightly. Look for any visible wear and tear as well. A lot of these can be fixed by a professional automated gate company, though some you can manage to do by yourself as part of its regular maintenance.

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Regular lubrication. Make sure to lubricate parts that would need it—the chain, the pulley, the hinge, the roller, among others. This way, the gate remains friction-free, keeping its operation safe and efficient. An automated gate company, Lakewood, California can help you with this if you don’t know which parts to lubricate. When parts are unlubricated for a long period of time, it can sustain damage.

Rust prevention. Prevent rust from spreading on your gate as this can damage it. Cleaning your gate regularly can stop rush from forming. But when you already see rust on your automated gate, remove it immediately by scrubbing the rusted parts with sandpaper.

Test the auto-reverse function. You can do this by placing a 100mm x 50mm timber on the center of your doorway; the door of your automated gate should strike the timber when it closes. When the door hits the timber, it should reverse the door back since the timber is an obstruction. If this doesn’t happen, then contact your automated gate company, Lakewood, California. Your gate might need urgent repairs.

Regular servicing. To ensure that your automated gate is always in good condition, you need to have it serviced by an automated gate company, Lakewood, California. This way, any problems your gate has can be fixed professionally and properly, preventing small issues from becoming major expensive problems in the future. Proper servicing can have every aspect of the gate checked, those that you may not be able to see even with proper and regular personal maintenance.

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