5 Benefits of Video Inspection After Laying Pipes

Before the utility contractor inspection, Dallas, Texas professional can declare the newly laid pipes as a completed work, a full inspection of the work must be done. The inspection is done to ensure the pipes are safe to use and no problems will arise once they are in commission.

Typically, the inspection can take days to complete, depending on how far the pipes reach. Today, contractors rely on the use of video inspection equipment because they offer a long list of benefits, such as:

Benefit #1: Save Time And Money

With the use of a camera for a video inspection, the time needed to complete the pipe laying is significantly reduced. There is no need to dig large holes to accommodate the utility contractor inspection, Dallas, Texas and the hole can be sealed as soon as the pipes are in place.

A small entrance is all a camera needs to enter the pipe for inspection. It’s the perfect solution to stay on or below budget while also finishing the project on time.

Benefit #2: Safer For Inspectors

High-tech equipment also makes the job of inspectors safer. Without the need of a person to go under and inspect the pipes in person, there is no danger of getting trapped, injured, or hurt while on the job. The inspector can stay at a safe location while still doing their job using a camera.

Benefit #3: Allows Full Inspection Of Every Crack And Crevice

Cameras are able to reach the smallest of crevices to inspect any potential cracked or leaking pipes. This advantage allows inspectors to give a detailed report on the project while eliminating any guesswork. Pictures can be taken and the location noted for accuracy.

A complete inspection of the pipe laying project ensures the work and the pipes reach or possibly exceed their expected lifespan.

Benefit #4: Recording Allows For Thorough Inspections

Although inspectors are trained to spot any signs of damage or low quality work, they are still human. There is a good chance that they forget to note down a concern and proceed with the sealing of the pipes only to result in cracks, leaks, and breaks in the near future.

By choosing to use cameras that can record the inspection, a contractor can easily review the footage after the work is done. They can check all corners, make notes on concerns, and act on them as soon as possible. Doing this will save companies a lot of money in frequent pipe replacements.

Benefit #5: One Camera Equipment Can Be Used For All Pipe Sizes

The camera equipment used to survey and check pipe laying projects is a very versatile tool. Its size allows it to access small and large underground areas with very little limitations on where and how it can move.

Using the right camera can allow contractors to inspect all types of underground work without spending more on labor. One or two trained inspectors can man the equipment and complete several inspections with less effort, danger, and time.

Advanced Pipe Repair knows safety is paramount at a job site. We offer utility contractor inspection, Dallas, Texas services to check the safety of the pipes you lay. Contact us today!

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